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Timely, fancy, sportive, exclusive. Swiss Made brand name watches are more than a luxury; they're an obsession with ChronoCentral. Only the most reliable and at the same time most fashionable timepieces will do.


All 100% Original, all 100% Authentic, all 100% Irresistible.

ChronoCentral can offer you a wide selection of watch models and short delivery times – almost all watches are in stock. Competitive pricing and highest safety during the purchase guaranteed by our Trusted-Seller-Award.

Why Choose Swiss?

Uhrmacher Watches from prestigious Swiss Manufacturers are traditionally well known for their quality, beauty, technical achievement and value. Invention of the first quartz watch, the first water resistant wristwatch, the thinnest wristwatch in the world, the first wristwatch, the smallest, the  most expensive watch and many many more are all accredited to the Swiss watch industry. Since the price tag attached to most of these watches is not cheap a certain social status is displayed by a person wearing a fine Swiss time piece.

But why choose a Swiss Made watch when you can buy one for less then $30, after all they will both tell the same time and just about as accurately. The main difference is quality and the attention to detail. Swiss made watches are extremely durable and with proper care will last you a lifetime. Plus they hold their value very well, comparing to a cheap timepiece produced in Asia. Not only do they keep their value well but some watches are even a great investment.

You will be surprised to find out how the value of certain Swiss Made watches has been exploding over the last 20 years. During difficult economic times, imminent inflation or simply as a straightforward money investment with usefulness, a Swiss Made automatic watch is a wise acquisition.